The boring list

comfortable myths
Wonder bread
pine trees
dead trees
speed limits
Green Lake for looks
pale ale without a lemon
sailboat statistics
sleeping in pajamas
soggy corn flakes
chocolate pudding – where’s the whip?
Ultimate Fighting Championship on cable
Spike TV
regular TV
tinted windows
ballerinas in pink tutus
posers in pink pants
black and white suits
grey grave headstones
quotes from Mark Twain
citing in research papers
rants without source
“Jesus saves!”

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Found poem: Seeking jazz

seeking jazz or sex or soup
alone. without
my lover who’s come
to bear another
game of
a hyper-primal fight
on repeat, his
and ours, chain-linked by
insignificances and
my tawdry
ideals. shedding the
emotional attachment–a
security blanket or
dead skin cells,
and webbed–
burning away,
the grit clinging to
a sappy log fire,
weeping while
mental anguish channels
through my limbs like
a vase of
water satiating stems of
blooms, the fresh
flora sprouts; but
naught to him–
this temple, these limbs.
Seeking jazz or sex or soup –
that brassy sax
the lusty sex before
solitary sleep
a hearty six
course meal for
hot and
steamy or cold
either way by
– 2007

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Mad Libs: Alice

Madlibs are great fun. They are reminiscent of a childhood where you choose any random, weird words that come to mind, fill in the blanks, and you have a quick, quirky story to read and share. This prompt is from Reader’s Digest. It’s a play on the original Mad Libs game, but instead of filling in the blanks, you write your own story.

1. Write a story or scene with the following guidelines:
2. Include the phrase “What is that?”
3. Use at least five of the words below
a word you use too much: Great
the name of a city you’d like to visit: Austin, TX
an unusual color: Chartreuse
a hobby: Writing
a physical quality a person might wish for: Smaller nose
an animal: Walrus
a famous author: F Scott Fitzgerald
a verb ending in -ing: Wading
a number: 10 (ten)
an adverb: Gently

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