Lost Journal: Naomi

While cleaning out a closet, you stumble upon a journal you don’t recognize. As you flip through the pages, it becomes apparent that this journal belongs to a fictional character (either an original character you’ve written about before or a character from one of your favorite books). Share one of the entries.

Post your response in 500 words or fewer.

Dear Diary,

The road from Judea was treacherous. Finally settled in Moab for many, many months, I found myself in a stage where life is commensurate to and possibly even more tragic and bumpy than the life of famine in Judea. My lord Elimelech passed shortly after our arrival in Moab. I have no words to describe that sorrow. I grieved not only for my husband but for my belly, this dirt, and a roof. For as a woman I depend upon others for my needs.

Despite this loss, small celebrations took place as my dear men each were blessed with marriages to lovely Moab women: devoted and loyal Ruth (of Mahlon), and Chillion’s fawn, now known to be named Orpah. These were times to celebrate; however, the years following were empty of children. Neither wife produced a child. This sorrow follows my two men to their graves as Mahlon and Chillion now have also each passed. There is no option for me now but to return to Bethlehem and be called Mara–for the Almighty doth punish me with such loss, emptiness, poverty, and suffering.

Dearest Ruth accompanied me. Leaving her own kin, my dearest daughter-in-law traveled back to Bethlehem with me at Barley harvest season. For, without Ruth, who would hold my arm in the street markets and show me kindnesses? Who would suffer as I suffer? I am but a living mother of dead sons and widowed. She has shown me grace; she has sacrificed for me, only her mother-in-law.

Working in the barley, in the fields of Boaz, dear Ruth met the man himself and lay at his feet. A recent union was celebrated, a fresh start for a tragic plot. She is now his wife, and a child is expected! This child is to be called Obed if a son. I feel there to be great, great kings to bestow promise among our family and the world in generations to come. Praise God.

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